Monday, February 1, 2010

(Recipe) Smirnoff Apple Curry

Dish: Tropical Apple Curry  For 4 people

Originally, I planed to cook Japanese Apple Curry. However, instead of using rice wine adding up a favor of the pork, I tried "SMIRNOFF" just for fun :D.  It turned out pretty tasty and fruity so I ended up using the whole bottle of Smirnoff which substituted most part of plain water.  This dish is really good. Supposedly, I made this dish for lunch tomorrow (what a wonderful pre-wife), it turned out people started to eat it. And I couldn't even stop myself even I am on diet!

1. 1 pound of pork (Chop them in chunks)
2. 2 apples (Chop them in chunks and soak them in salt water )
3. 2 russet potatoes (Peal their skin and chop them in chunks)
4. 1 onion (Chunks)
5.  4 carrots (Small Chunks)
6.  Parsley
7. Japanese Curry Sauce 
8. ** Smirnoff Passion Fruit flavor
9. Rice
10. 2 spoons of butter

1. heat the pot up to high, and Oil the pot with 2 spoons of butter. After the pot is coated evenly, fry chopped onions.
2. add chopped pork and fry for few second, then pour 1/4 of Smirnoff.
3. add Carrots, apples, potatoes, salt and brown sugar(this depends on personal preference. I like salty food so I added 3~4 spoons of salt and 3~4 spoons of brown sugar.)
4. Dump the Curry Sauce into pot, and add the rest of Smirnoff,
5. Add water to make sure to dilute the sauce. (I like the sauce creamy, so I added around 1/2 cup of water)
7. Boil the whole pot until everything is well done. (It took only like 3~4 minutes for mine )
8. Pour the curry on rice, and sprinkle the dish with parsley. And it's done! 

Enjoy the dish!

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