Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving gives thanks!

To me thanksgiving is just like a Western Chinese New Year. On the holiday family and friends gather around. However, this holiday contains one special meaning - to thank. It is easy to praise and to thank the Lord in prayer before dinner, but it is not easy to be grateful when life is difficult. Tonight, I learned origin of Thanksgiving from David. When the first English settlers arrived the U.S, the first 3 days were thanksgiving. After 3 years, people hold a harvest feast to celebrate Thanksgiving after a successful season grow. It was a difficult time for those settlers, and they were helped by native American. They were grateful to God and to those native American.

It is humanity that we do not usually treasure what we have, instead questioning God why does this crap happen to me. How about taking everything I have actually as a partake from God? On some point, I start to think about what if somebody around the table at the dinner is missed, will my mood still be trapped in the bad things happen to me recently?The conclusion is that I should give those people I love hugs in thanksgiving so that they will know they are appreciated being here as native American to settlers to me! Ha!

Anyway, I should be real thankful because my research paper is found. Ya ya ya!
The end of my night I want to thank my Father, because he is not only a good father but also a awesome files backup.

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