Friday, November 27, 2009

GRE 24 days left

This is my little evil scheme to conquer GRE!

I wasted great amount of time in the past few months, and I am now need to face myself - How to make a efficient study for the following 24 days for GRE.

My materials:
1. GRE official Guide
2. 17 module tests
3. One vocabulary book, One Antonyms, One Analogies
4. Filling in the Blank Practice.
5. Verb Test

1. Wake up before 8:00 AM and go to bed before 12:00
The most important things for preparing a test is waking up early which is also impossible to me so now time to renew my life.
2. No Korean Drama, No Shopping.
This time I spend studying now will be worthy. I can watch whatever TV show I want after this 24 days. F the on sell season, if I go to a good graduate school I will make more money to spent two years later. F the 10% off at, no time for online shopping also.

Go go go Sydney. 24 days exchanges future.

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